Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wow, Paris Hilton in Jakarta Catwalk Style!

Paris Hilton

Socialite Paris Hilton will welcome fans in Jakarta. Hilton heiress will be elegant in the runway Gran Indonesia, Jakarta.

"Yeah, Paris Hilton will be released on September 25 and held a fashion show here. Berlenggok also participate on the runway," says Public Relations Coordinator at Grand Indonesia Vanny Rismanida okezone chatting with cell phone Tuesday (21 / 09/2010).

The blond socialite will present a collection of winter clothing lines. Apart held a fashion show in Paris will also open a store, Bags & Accessories Paris Hilton on the top floor of the mall west of Grand Indonesia shopping town (GIST).

"Paris will be Winter fashion show in Paris Hilton handbags and accessories collection," said Vanny.

In addition berlenggok by the gateway and opened the boutique, Vanny also revealed that Paris will attend a charity event held by Grand Indonesia shopping town. On Saturday (25/09/2010) night, will attend the launch of Hello magazine by Indonesia in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jakarta.

Due to the celebrity world, including the much awaited his presence, the show that there was no private party. 'However, due to the location of the mall to the west low high GIST located in the heart of downtown, then we could make it easy for the media to capture the event, "concluded Vanny.


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