Friday, September 24, 2010

Elegant Symbols in Fashion

In the world of fashion, hair is a symbol of elegance, elegance, and Glamorama. However, not for the defenders of animal rights and environmental groups.

For them, the use of fur in fashion is the kingdom of cruelty similar is both disturbing the environmental balance. To do this, proponents of activist animal rights protest often fashion week with several large banners and posters reading "Dan Rather naked than wear fur" or "The use of fur is a crime."

Still, the feathers seem to always find their way back to the runway. Some designers who care about the environment, such as Stella McCartney, had his own commitment not to use fur or other materials of animal origin such as collection of materials.

However, for some other designers, the concern seemed not to touch. On the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York, London, even the skin appears to show her beauty over again in different variations.

"I think the skin is another type of textiles used as material for clothing and women as well as other types of textiles, leather has also been growing in line with advances in technology," said Michael Kors, with a coat fur and a skirt to the knee wool plaid for fall and winter.

"Fur is present in a variety of options, including the use of synthetic fur, mink do not have to be always in shape around his neck. But, on the one hand, combine the comfort and luxury is a distinctive image of fashion" he said.

fashion commentator and editor of British Vogue Fashion Sarah Harris, said he was surprised by the number of hairs that go back to the track.

"The skin is a statement of elegance and grace. But, seeing him return to the catwalk at this present moment, in my opinion, is the rebellious side of fashion," he said.

Contrast to Harris, Katie Hillier, who this year received the title of the best accessories designer version of the British Fashion Awards say if you want a fair bit mode Glamorama then gripped by the crisis for some time.

"I think bululah that selected the authors of fashion to show the new mode of recovery after a minimal time and the practical result of the recession was over," said Hillier.

Despite some exclusive brands like Fendi feather in his collection, including mosaic accented vest, which received positive response from retailers, some fashion designers try to balance the needs and concern for nature.

They claim to perform further processing and only choose a skin dealer's license for material they use does not disturb the balance of nature.

Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director, said he used skin from the collection of autumn and winter have gone through the process of transformation.

"We use a new technology that produces the classic collection of Gucci leather lighter, almost like a shirt," he said, saying the material is a combination of suede with fox fur.

Giannini explained that he uses feathers from dealers. Saga of skin, the Danish company of fur traders, said on its website that distribute feathers produced from certified farms which meet international standards, and is not a result of illegal hunting in the wild.

Other designers are also using fur dealers are Butor Consuelo Castiglioni. Creative Director Marni Fashion House is using the new embroidery techniques that provide new materials that can reflect the beauty and elegance of the skin without using too much hair itself.

While Roberto Cavalli combine vision, Astrakhan, week, raccoons, foxes and make a coat. When designers create real hair, then the tendency of flooding Highstreet retailer with a collection of synthetic leathers as Topshop.

In its official statement, explaining that Topshop leather skin which is used typically used to make teddy bears, but not further prepared for a softer texture than the original hair.

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