Saturday, September 11, 2010

Winter Fashion Trends, Feather will be Excellent

Although 2010 is not over, the best designers seem to have made a trend for 2011. Always a warm conversation and debate among fashion lovers, the skin is mentioned as attributes that will become a trend in 2011. Do not be surprised if a number of famous designers looking to use fur in any of their work.

Latest news mentioning at least one third of the top designers with a skin in the collection of autumn / winter 2010/2011 them. Both the original leather, synthetic leather, skin color, like red, green feather dress up, they call it the attributes of fashion. This marks the pen that triumphed in 2011. Thus, quoted in okezone Millionlooks.

A senior designer from Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld made the collection of autumn / winter 2010/2011 with a touch of fur. Karl designed the coat, pants, skirts, hats, boots and gloves with feathers. So the collection is very unique and captivating. The feathers adorn the sleeves, collars and bags.

While the designer Marc Jacobs also designed the tail designs of the same materials, ie leather. Do not just put the skin on the neck and underarm, Marc has also created a boom in a different form, namely, the bolero.

While the famous brands from Italy, Etro collection showcase more varied and daring their feathers are beautiful, wearing a coat of different colors in the collection of autumn / winter 2010/2011 them. Among other bright colors like red and the results of each collection is interesting.

Most designers are always using the pen to give the impression of luxury in their designs. Nina Ricci, for example. Collection of fashion design looks great and becomes an amazing work of art when the feathers are inserted in the fall collection of fashion / winter 2010/2011 it.

While on the one hand, animal lovers PETA organization in the world condemned the presence of fur fashion, but actually high society could not refuse to not wear fur. But it is important to remember that both natural and artificial skin will be beautiful and elegant when worn. Moreover warmth offered through the plumes are perfect for winter. Are you interested in performing with the feather?

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