Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cathy Sharon Forget High Heels

Presenter Cathy Sharon White lover of high heels. But after experiencing back pain, the former MTV VJ in Indonesia is willing to forget the high-heeled shoes and wear sandals made now.

"I was wearing high heels every day of work since 2002. Not only at work, but when the road to the mall, even at night I also always wear high heels," said Cathy met at the Casa okezone decanter wine, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (13/07/2010).

Before injury, the owner's full name is Catherine Sharon Gasnier including celebrities who set the rules strict enough to use high-heeled shoes, including not using 12-cm heels.

"There are several brands of shoes that I like, because the collection of shoes can make you look beautiful but the sick, one of them is Louis Vuitton. Make me, shoes with heels that are higher, better, so I often use a centimeter 18 years, at least 12 centimeters. Under this measure, I use the baseball, "he continued.

However, the pain experienced by the older sister is actress Julie Estelle and recommended that doctors advised him not to wear high heels all day, making him pass the shoes with heels that are lower or a pair of comfortable sneakers.

"But as the pain, I'm looking for a shorter right shoe, look for a five foot three," said Cathy.

As Hollywood celebrities Cheryl Cole, Cathy was willing to suffer for high-heeled shoes that made her look pretty. In fact, never adopted the slogan "beauty is pain" in his life.

"I used to be the motto of" beauty is pain, baby, but now have changed because after how many years the use of high heels very bad taste, "he said.

Dideranya eliminate pain, Cathy liked to do reflexology massage to relieve pain and blood circulation in the area of the foot. Now, he chose the sandals as a better alternative in style.

"I used to let blood flow without reflection problems, but now when I wear sandals in the house alone," he concluded.

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