Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alleira Collaboration with Four Designers in the World

Alleira, BatikMake up Alleira batik re-create a new slogan. Not only the fashion world shocked the nation, but until the international community. To conquer the international market through Alleira this international touch by working with four designers in the world.

Four foreign designers involved in the processing capacity of batik motifs inscribed as Indonesia's ethnic nation in a captivating design class.

They are the designers of Singapore Fen Ou, Zhuang Weiping designers from China, and Australian designer Monica Lim Kabo that expresses the beauty of batik in classic design. And Changsook Choi, Korean designers.

"We want to go international. So these four designers who know the tastes of each country and set us. For some special features of each country is not very visible, because we want to promote batik, batik we want to use in that country. So we have taken the beauty alone, "said Ade Kartika, deputy director and co-owner of batik Alleira when in the Ballroom Foyer 1 Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Wednesday (08/04/2010).

This international designer shows creativity in the process of batik into high fashion elegant exclusive. With the power of creativity is different, every fashion designer is designing ready-to-wear for all peoples of the world.

The beauty of batik work summarized by Monica Lim cocktail dress with a simple design. To explore the design, integration with Monica and patchwork curtains games that make their collections more impressive when used elegant.

"Batik can become a very fashionable clothing. It is for all purposes of all ages. For the future, batik, not only become an icon of the culture of Indonesia, but more than that, able to become international fashion, "added Monica.

Other Monica Zhuang others also Weiping collection. The designers of China, which regards the theme of "Love in Jakarta Msytique" This process of batik on a different aspect with abstract floral and tribal. So the collection was a concern among fashionistas.

Moreover, Ou swamps with the theme "Love in Bloom Butterflies ..." has a long blouse paired with leggings. To reinforce the impression that every woman sexy and elegant, dark colors like brown, purple, brown and batik in the election process look more beautiful.

They do not want to lose competitiveness with other designers, Changsook Choi, bringing Korean women dress style in general. A sensation was incredible to see batik can be packaged with a touch of fashion typical of Korean women.

Not only worked with four different designers, Alleira also show his latest collection in three sequences.

In the first sequence, Alleira presents "Weaving in Batik," which highlights the two dominant colors are purple, orange and turquoise violet. Then, the design "New" featuring bright colors such as green and orange that appear to dominate the collection. "New Design" offers sophisticated desaign plea in a dynamic sense of freedom.

Finally, a collection of evening gowns, born of a million flowers inspired by the beauty of Indonesia comes in pink, blue, and the colors are bright flowers. A sprinkling of crystals adorn this collection add to the perfection of design.

It not only presents the design of an adult, also shows a collection Alleira Alleira Children on the catwalk.

This collection in the world of children involves a beautiful and cheerful. Full of joy. Also attending the fashion collection with a combination of floral and polka dots design combines a simple style that adds children.

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