Thursday, July 15, 2010

ACM Awards - Carrie Underwood Get Taylor Swift and Style!

The American Country Music Awards took place on April 5, 2009. The evening was a complete success after America's sweetheart, Carrie Underwood, went home with the spectacle "of" the Year Award and adorable Taylor Swift won "Album of the Year." But these two young aspiring country stars have more going for that raw talent, read on to see how these two beauties also captured the essence of style on the red carpet!

Carrie Underwood has style, grace, and safe to sing. The winner of American Idol hit the red carpet at the ACM awards looking absolutely stunning in a dress with white ruffles. Any stylist knows when it comes to accessories with a dress like that, less is more. Carrie pairs jewelry simple - like some sterling silver earrings and a bracelet graduate of silver to the whole. It congratulated the neckline silver sequined dress beautifully.

You can achieve this look exactly the same for less than $ 200, and the best part is that you do not have to attend an awards ceremony to pull off this look. silver, of course, looks great for a formal event, but can also be used with a single pair of jeans and a white shirt. Not even to mention the fact that sterling silver jewelry is classic and not go out of style - you'll be able to use it in the coming decades, while staying in line with the trends. What is more, more sterling silver jewelry comes with a protective transparent layer called rhodium plating, which keeps the jewelry spots or get nicks. In this way, their money will last longer and still have such a brilliant luster.

You can find similar silver graduated from accounts receivable and Mrs. Underwood in many of your favorite stores online jewelry at a very reasonable price. For a couple of graduate Carrie Underwood Inspired Bead Earrings Sterling Silver 925, you'll pay around $ 30. simple sterling silver bracelets another great success this season. You can use one or more pairs of cooperation cool layered look. Also, do not be afraid to mix with other metals of silver, which is another hot trend to go out. Tiffany Inspired Some bracelets will certainly help achieve Carrie put-together look. Try Bangle Tiffany Inspired Cushion, or even Bangle Tiffany Inspired Etoile for an extra shine. Each piece ranges from $ 100 to $ 60, respectively.

Taylor Swift is the latest thing to hit the country scene. Taylor's new songs like "Love Story", everyone singing his praises. But not only his vocal chords with people up in arms, Ms. Swift's sense of style is also turning the heads of fashionistas all around the country. Not unlike Carrie, Taylor sets were bright and shiny, which means the accessories were kept to a minimum. When Taylor was beautiful floor length red dress, which kept it simple with teardrop silver earrings and again, a simple silver bracelet. When put on her white dress eyelet, a sequined headdress was his main accessory. She had several turquoise leather bracelets on his left wrist to add some color to this boho-chic set. You can pick up turquoise beaded bracelets and Taylor for under $ 20! Oh, and look to complete Taylor, cowboy boots are always a necessity!

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