Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Legacy of Michael Jackson for the World of Fashion

A year after the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. His legacy is not limited to music, but also for the development of the global fashion industry.

Ask not how a big fan of Michael Jackson all over the world. This Superstar has actually been created many works that can color the seat of the global music scene. But the self-Jacko, families calls not only the ability of musicality that can be enjoyed, because the effect of clothing styles also hit the world of fashion.

Here, some fashion trends dicontek Jacko was among Hollywood celebrities, such as LANs okezone of Zimbio, Saturday (06/26/2010).

Military Jacket

Trends army that is now booming, in fact is not new. The military style is a brilliant display repeat Jacko, popularized in the 1980's. An artist who uses military-style jackets Jacko Hollywood is Beyonce. In one case, he was seen wearing a jacket full set of military production with typical Balmain Jacko.

Robot's Fashion

Most Jacko stage costumes are designed with the primary consideration is mobility. While the costumes look "scene", Jacko remain flexible to move when done. For example, trousers, shirts with long white shirt kemaja, coinciding with a knee-high boots berdetail like robots. This style is well imitated by singer Rihanna.

Sparkling sequins

In many cases, Jacko wore a sequined gown berdetail very bright stone. Lady Gaga was a celebrity who deceived this style a Jacko.

Striped pants

On stage, wearing a Jacko is often a long white shirt with striped pants. striped pants is very similar to that issued by Alexander McQueen pants, was also charged with artists such as Kat Von D, Cyndi Lauper in the last year.

Fedora hat

Quite a few Hollywood stars like Jacko raised in the shadows wearing a hat with a felt hat. An artist who likes to wear a felt hat after the death of Jacko is Lindsay Lohan.

Blinged belt

Miley Cyrus costume enhanced phase with the belt (belt) in full gloss is not new. Jacko likes stacked belt in a few decades before the fame of Cyrus, but with a much more hidden clothes.

Metal Futuristic

Stage costume worn by Fergie in Black Eyed Peas on tour recently that futuristic musical. I must really great with costumes worn for several decades by no less than Jacko.

Red leather jacket

A party will forever be attached to the King of Pop is a red leather jacket, famous throughout the video, phenomenal, "Thriller." After Jack's death in 2009, some designers create pieces that are the same as those penghormatanan form. The actor Jaden Smith also carry the film premiere of 'Karate Kid' recently.

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