Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lady Gaga Not Get Up Wear Platform

Lady Gaga is on the right to wear platform shoes so high after dropping an embarrassing incident. The reason, in order to maintain an eccentric charm in the eyes of the fans.

A few days ago, the camera caught Gaga fell to the ground after losing his balance while wearing platform shoes next Noritaka berselop Tatehana design. Took the tour of music to make a backup. But the embarrassing incident at Heathrow Airport, London did not give up wearing shoes until the end.

The singer of "Poker Face" was viewed with designer shoes Noritaka Tatehana others. This time is white, having seen wearing a black.

With these shoes without heels, Gaga appeared wearing a tulle skirt walking through an airport terminal that made him look like a bride. He also wore a red jacket outside their white bra.

Outside the incidence of falls, the star of 24 years of age, is considered to have weathered the best part is prepared for two years as a public nan eccentric charm. This assessment is after posing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a new machine gun was wearing only a bra.

"When I woke in the morning, I feel the are the same as another girl of 24 years of age, who feel insecure, and said ,"... Lady Gaga, wake up and live the way your life today, "said Gaga on his art photography.

So to keep the charm of the stage by Gaga fans even willing to say do not drink during the show.

"I did not even drink water on stage in front of anyone, because I want to focus on musical fantasy," he admits.

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