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Haute Couture Royal Parade

Swedish Royal Wedding
Haute Couture Royal Parade

SWEDEN extravagant wedding soluble Crown Princess Victoria Alice Desiree, who married Daniel Westling, a former personal trainer. The biggest wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles for 29 years.

Stockholm Cathedral Storkyrkan, 1200 guests and members of the kingdom of Europe, 500 000 residents of the city and more than 500 million viewers worldwide, his testimony Fairytale story between Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, who Love has been working on for nine years.

For the wedding, the princess of the ruling couple of Sweden, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia wore a designer gown Engsheden Sweden Par.

"I want the princess look elegant, beautiful and modern at the same time. Therefore, not to design a dress that accentuated glamoritas" said Engsheden neck makes Princess Sabrina style dress with a train along a 5 m elegant ivory.

Meanwhile, for jewelry, Princess Victoria wore earrings, necklace, tiara and the cameo of Queen Silvia has also been imposed when she married King Gustav in 1976. Tiara is gold, pearls and cameo image Cupid and Psyche in Greek mythology.

Tiara is one of the jewels of the Bernadotte family heritage that has made the Kingdom of Sweden for seven generations. Tiara is a gift from the French queen Josephine-Charlotte, who received it from Napoleon Bonaparte.

The maid of honor is the goddaughter of Princess Victoria, Princess Catharina-Amalia is, from the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, with a white silk-pearl which is equipped with shoes dancer in matching colors.

While the younger sister of Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine dress looked stunning on a chiffon embroidered berpalet bright blue berdetail equipped Connaught tiara decorated with diamonds.

Princess Madeleine dress contrast, but in keeping with the dress of her mother Queen Silvia. They are graceful dusty pink dress with pearls and precious stones decorate and Braganca tiara, jewelry collection of the best of the Swedish royal family, which was a gift from Queen Amelia of Brazil.

The marriage between Princess Victoria and her personal trainer, now is "His Royal Highness Prince Daniel, Duke of Vaestergoetland, repeating the love story full of fantasy among the royal families and commoners.

Like Prince Charles to marry kindergarten teachers nan sweet call Diana Spencer. Guests are also dominated by the king and queen and the princess and the prince in a royal parade of haute couture, like the celebrities on the red carpet.

Call the Queen Sonja of Norway, wearing a coral-colored chiffon dress with matching coat and emerald tiara of diamonds and jewels important.

The Danish Queen Margaret choosing a lime green dress paired with a crown of diamonds and pearls bertahtakan. Palette that dominated the wedding of Princess Victoria are pastels, dusty pink as a favorite.

In addition to Queen Silvia, Princess Letizia of the Kingdom of Spain also chose a similar palette matching floral appliques decorated with diamond tiara with floral motifs. Pink is also an option for the mother-in-law Doña Letizia, Queen Sofia, who wore a pale pink dress with a tiara decorated with pearls and diamonds.

Meanwhile, Princess Elena chose a more online, through a combination of fuchsia evening gown with Spanish bullfighter berpalet bolero-style accounts.

However, the star of the party has the Royal Wedding of the Year is Queen Rania of Jordan, who was established as a fashion icon with a blue dress and elegant, with a blue stripe and a simple diamond tiara.

Representing the UK, attended by Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex that looks elegant in a gray dress with a decorative beads berpalet.

In honor of the marriage ceremony, the Princess Sofia says she deliberately wore her wedding tiara.

'I decided to use my headset to use for 11 years on the day of my marriage with Edward, because the wedding of the princess was held in Victora same date, "he said.

Meanwhile, Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, which is known for lace dress adventurous tastes of the current fashion with a pale color that has a mermaid silhouette adorned with a diamond tiara of a marble.

Furthermore, Danish Crown Princess Mary, and prefer to dress pleated details berpalet dipadukannya bertahtakan quietly with a tiara with diamonds and rubies, which belonged to Queen Ingrid of Danish.

Princess Mathilde of Belgium to appear neatly in a one-shoulder gown had shades of pale pink with a tiara of diamonds. Princess wedding of Queen Victoria, who will be the death of King Gustav of Sweden after spending the funds for 20 million kronor, equivalent to USD2, 6 million.


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