Monday, August 16, 2010

Hong Kong International Fashion Corridor to the City

In the ranks of international fashion capital, New York ranks first for five consecutive years prior to that date interrupted by Milan, who became the fashion capital of the world number one in 2009. This year the top ranking back into the hands of New York. fashion capital of the world ranking published by the Global Language Monitor, a nonprofit firm that annually conduct surveys and collect data on the cities of fashion through the Internet also includes a blog.

But the return to the front row of New York fashion world of the city was not a surprise. Which actually makes the mouth open Hong Kong actually improve the performance of which rose to number two, beating even the position of London, Paris and Los Angeles, respectively, ranked third, fourth and fifth. While the five classifications Milan fell to sixth and was followed by Sydney, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid. This is the first time that five giants of the fashion capital of the world, New York, Milan, Paris, London and Rome, did not bite.

Hong Kong it five rankings from seventh last year. Global Language Monitor correspondent Payack Bekka Manhattan, said significant changes in the order of the international fashion capital of a global recession triggered a landslide that affected the fashion industry throughout 2009.

"When a crisis occurs, the fashion industry in America and Europe are trying to survive doing the stagnation or even a review of strategy. This is also a place for fashionable cities in Asia that its market is relatively undisturbed," said Payack.

At the time of the crisis, the fashion industry in Hong Kong directly change the strategy by strengthening the domestic market. At the same time, most of the top brands and exclusive fashion houses of Europe and the United States targeting the Asian market to maintain the level of international sales, while European and U.S. markets have lost ground. The transition to the domestic market is also a strategy of Australian cities fashionable course successfully.

Success can be seen from birth to the rank order of Sydney and Melbourne achieved seven top 14 to No. 11 ranking. While in Asia, besides Hong Kong and Tokyo, is presented as a new form of capital Shanghai Singapore also seated in position 12 and 15. As for Berlin, which was mentioned as a trendy destination with a new show its fangs into the top 20 cities in international fashion.

Other modes of the city did in the order of the 20 large is about 13 Sao Paulo, who once led the fashion capital of America, like Rio de Janeiro is located at position 19 also Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Las Vegas managed to reach six rows at position 16, while Amsterdam for the first time joined the ranks of the prestigious fashion city and immediately a great Moscow, which this year number 20.

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