Monday, April 4, 2011

Auditions Miss Indonesia in Yogyakarta and Bali select the 20 Finalists

Miss Indonesian 2010 Asyiefa Latief
Yogyakarta and Bali was early stopover in the site of Miss Indonesia election auditions. In both cities filter 20 finalists out of 132 participants who participated audition.

Since late March, a series of auditions Miss Indonesia 2011, where the theme is "diversity of beautiful Indonesia" were held. The deployment is scheduled auditions were held in six major cities are held to recruit the best women in accordance with the criteria MISS (Wise, powerful, smart and socially).

First Yogyakarta became the first foothold city served by the team auditions on Sunday (27 / 3). Auditions will be held at Hotel Sahid Raya Yogyakarta is successful in attracting important.

"There were about 82 people mostly students who auditioned and made ​​it through to the next selection at least 11 people," said gusty Asvia as communications officer, Marcomm Department, Legal RCTI contact by mobile phone on Monday (4 / 4).

Meanwhile, the Balinese who became the second city of the operation of the audition was no less festive. Although the number of applicants is higher in Yogyakarta, but the auditions are held at 08.00-16.00 wita because it was no less competitive on the spawn talented finalists who qualified. Auditions are held at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel on Sunday (3 / 4) yesterday managed to catch nine persons finalists from a total of 50 participants who auditioned on the island.

From both cities, a series of numbers interested in Yogyakarta looks a lot more.

"That is because the participants audition in Yogyakarta not only from the local community but also participants from Semarang, Solo, and surrounding areas. While the participants generally Bali audition only be filled by local residents,"added the pretty woman , which is often called Dara.

Before melanglang to Jakarta to represent the area, 20 finalists will have to pass through further stages of screening conducted by the RCTI.

"Filtering the next phase will be carried out simultaneously after the next four city auditions scheduled completion in a (fifth) future," he continued.

So, what is a fee for prospective assessment of the finalists to qualify for the next round and was elected as a provincial representative who went to Jakarta?

"We have already defined criteria. This is the grip guide us to a sweep of the participants to do and became the basis of the assessment. In essence, not only the criteria MISS (Wise, powerful, smart and Social) alone, but the issues in accordance with international standards. As the winner of Miss Indonesia eventually goes to Indonesia to represent on the world stage. International standards, for example, include the height matters, intellectual, and a number of other issues. And from the beginning we have set points as basic criteria the judging, "lid Dara.

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