Friday, March 4, 2011

Tocco Toscano, Stylish Women's

It takes more than one handbag to the needs of modern women to meet. As mobility and the daily lives of modern women are not linked to work. Tocco Toscano presented as an alternative.

At times, the modern woman hanging out invitations to the cocktail party and gala dinner to attend or just a walk with a partner, usually after office hours. And, most women complain of a lack of choice of handbag styles that can guide them on various occasions. Answering this need, Italian handbag label Tocco Toscano introduces nan-quality collection of exclusive hand bags.

Tocco Toscano collection material is made from the finest genuine leather (goatskin, lambskin, calf, buffalo, lizard) were selected from around the world. Collections are produced in a factory that produces famous luxury handbag label, like Armani, Miu Miu, Moschino, and others.

"I already know Tocco Toscano of the last two years. Model a good handbag, exclusive, but simple, practical, and it could fit a lot. I love it in little compartments, it is important to a cell phone or little money. But Anyway I Love Tocco Toscano "said Fifie Buntaran, socialite mother city, the legal during the event Tocco Toscano Glamorous High Tea" Touch of Italian Glam "in Thamrin Nine Ballroom, UOB Building, Jakarta, Thursday (03/03/2011 ).

Sketch of design and style trends Tocco Toscano influenced Europe, but still follow the fashion trends each season with the interpretation of a collection of long, simple and stylish. Collection is for women aged 20-50 years.

The label of the bag that comes born since 1985 present value of functionality, there are extra compartments for women are simple devices. Collections also brings practical value, namely the use of rope bag that can be tailored to the needs (grip, and put aside). And finally, the essence of versatility, form an elegant handbag, simple style.

"Season's Pass, mood change, fashion varies, but Tocco Toscano takes the rest of the time. That's what we call" a timeless elegance, "said Yenny Kartika Managing Director of fashion empire on the same occasion.

"It's really a value for money, " said Yenny.

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